February 2022

How to Choose Right Enterprise Farm Management Software?

How to Choose Right Enterprise Farm Management Software? Selecting the right ERP can be a tedious, confusing, and challenging task thanks to all the options available in the market. But it’s stress worth pursuing, given the right farm ERP can lead to massive progress in the farming business, enabling farmers and other relevant parties with...
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How Modern Farming Technology Covers Agricultural Risks?

How Modern Farming Technology Covers Agricultural Risks? It’s much more than just sowing the crops and harvesting. Farming is challenging. Add to it the business dynamics, things get even more exigent. Farmers are always exposed to risks; risks around the yield, profitability, and various other aspects. In a way, they are tasked to effectively manage...
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Digital Farming

Everything You Need To Know About Digitization In Agriculture When we talk about digitization in the agriculture of India, we always think about fancy technology coming to the farmer’s field. But this is not true. Digitization in Indian agriculture is something beyond this fancy technology. In fact, looking at the Indian context, about 85% of...
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Sustainable Farming

A Detailed Guide on Sustainable Farming Methods What is Sustainable farming? For decades now, farming has posed a serious threat to natural resources and the environment. On the other hand, sustainable farming is the art of growing without depleting. Often misunderstood as organic farming, sustainable farming is the production of food, implementing techniques that lead...
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Contract Farming in India

Types and Benefits of Contract Farming Contract farming in India seems like a brand-new concept. Many people came to know about the contract based farming recently due to the farm bill passed by the government. However, the reality is different. Contract farming is an old concept in India. During the 1850s-60s, first time Indian cotton...
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How New Technology in Agriculture can Benefit Farmers

Agricultural production is the cornerstone of food security, nutrition security, sustainable development & poverty alleviation in India. The agriculture sector contributes approximately 18 percent of the total gross domestic product (GDP) and almost 40% of total NDP (Net Domestic Product). Nearly 64% of the total workforce is employed in horticulture or agribusiness-based businesses. But there...
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