June 2023

Crop Management: How Remote Sensing Increases Yield and Optimizes Costs

Crop management is a critical aspect of agriculture, directly impacting yield, profitability, and sustainability. Accurate yield forecasts are pivotal in the industry, enabling agricultural organizations to plan procurement, optimize supply chains, and reduce costs. With its advanced capabilities, remote sensing has emerged as a powerful tool in crop management, revolutionizing how you can monitor and...
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Artificial Intelligence In Indian Agriculture

Introduction Agriculture plays a growing and going role in everyone’s life and the economy at large. Its importance for an individual can be as his/her livelihood, for the country, its economy, and as a means of survival for the human hood. Agricultural exports account for 10% of India’s total exports and are the country’s fourth-largest...
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Agribusiness Success Strategies: Thrive and Master Your Path

Whether you’re a small farmer in Punjab, an aspiring entrepreneur in Gujarat, an investor in Maharashtra, or someone with a keen interest in the agriculture sector, this blog is a reservoir of knowledge tailor-made for you. We endeavour to bring you tried-and-tested strategies, technological advancements, and market trends that can give you the edge in...
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How Agribusinesses Can Leverage Contract Farming Software

With the constant technological increase, different sectors, such as agriculture and farming, are finally getting the modernization they deserve. Along with the processes (of farming), the procedures of agribusinesses have improved dramatically due to the introduction of the latest innovations. One such example could be contract farming, which could be defined as an arrangement between...
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