August 2023

Empowering Smallholder Farmers Towards Sustainable Livelihoods

Smallholder farmers are the backbone of the nation’s food production, which is vital in ensuring food security for millions of people. Despite their significant contribution to agriculture, smallholder farmers often face numerous challenges that hinder their livelihoods and productivity.  Limited access to resources, vulnerability to climate change, and inadequate market opportunities are some hurdles they...
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Digitizing Agricultural Sustainability Initiatives – Manage, Measure, and Report

Agriculture is on the edge of a radical upheaval due to the growing number of satellites in orbit, faster connection, and pervasive and ongoing digitalization. The sector is evolving from simple tractors, harvesters, and thrashers to the utilization of satellite imaging, drones, AI, and predictive analytics for increased output. The emerging digital agriculture paradigms include...
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Embracing Climate-Smart Agriculture: Empowering Smallholder Farmers

Due to climate change, agriculture, the foundation of many economies, faces difficulties never seen before. Smallholder farmers, who make up a sizable portion of the agricultural labor force worldwide, are especially susceptible to the effects of a changing climate. Crop yields and produce quality are directly impacted by erratic weather patterns such as extreme temperatures...
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Building Smart Greenhouses: IoT Innovations for Controlled Environment Agriculture in India

In recent years, India’s agritech sector has witnessed a surge in innovation, strongly emphasising improving agricultural productivity and efficiency. These pioneering strides have been triggered by various factors, including technological advances, growing awareness of sustainable practices, and increasing market demand for high-quality, year-round produce. Among these advancements, controlled environment agriculture stands out. Facilitated by smart...
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Revolutionising Agriculture: Innovations for Enhanced Carbon Sequestration in India

As climate change accelerates, there’s a burgeoning need for innovative solutions across all sectors. Notably, the agricultural sector is emerging as a critical solution hub. Farms are not just food providers anymore but are potential carbon sinks, too, capable of pulling CO2 from our atmosphere and storing it in the ground. This process, known as...
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