Agriculture Insights videos
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Tech for Farming

impact of excessive use of fertilzers on human & animal life

Soil Nutrition Management

onerous task on tech providers

Farming Practices - Traditional to technological

4Rs of Principle

4Rs of Nutrient Management

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Remote sensing for Agriculture

Cost optimization in agriculture

Cost optimization in Agriculture

variable rate fertilizer-vrf technique

Nutrition Management

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Leverage technology for farming

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Satellite Technology for Agriculture

Pest Incidence

Agile Pest Management

measures on farmers generated data

Data driven farming

Farm data sharing platforms

Farm Data Sharing Platforms

pests and diseases

Pests & Diseases

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Climate Smart Agriculture in GLOCAL

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Guiding Farms on Farm Activities

greater engagement & collaboration of different stake holders

Tech for Weather Data

keeping eye on budgets & profitablity

Drones for Agriculture

Quality in food industry

Managing Farmer Network for Quality Food