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Tech for Farming

Farm management software can be a valuable tool for farmers, enhancing their decision-making process

variable rate fertilizer-vrf technique

Nutrition Management

farm data can play a crucial role in doubling a farmer’s income and ensuring efficient nutrients management through soil health data

pests and diseases

Pests & Diseases

 AI & ML for pest detection can be lucrative measure, saves farmers from losses.

impact of excessive use of fertilzers on human & animal life

Soil Nutrition Management

Explains the strong relationship between agricultural production and soil productivity with elements of crop nutrition management

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Leverage technology for farming

How precision agriculture and farm management increase your yield for 30% and profitability by 15% with crop-protection activities.

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Climate Smart Agriculture in GLOCAL

Climate Smart Agriculture – Solves problems of food security and climate change.

onerous task on tech providers

Farming Practices – Traditional to technological

Explains traditional farming and how digital technologies optimize resource efficiency and reduce labor cost.

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Satellite Technology for Agriculture

 How satellite technology resolves issues related to farming practices and helps in complete farm optimisation

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Guiding Farms on Farm Activities

Cloud Based agricultural solutions are meant to reduce risks and variations in agriculture

4Rs of Principle

4Rs of Nutrient Management

How using 4R’s Principle of Nutrients management allows farmers to keep nutrients in the root zone, minimizes field losses and maximize plant uptake.

Pest Incidence

Agile Pest Management

Insects & pests destroy over 40% of possible sustenance food per year and how farmers using technology can get consultation on pest management instantly.

greater engagement & collaboration of different stake holders

Tech for Weather Data

The Decision Making System has saved 25% of water as compared to conventional methods and has sensors for real-time monitoring soil water content and balance.

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Remote sensing for Agriculture

Remote Sensing for agriculture helps to get information about the crops and farms with early warning systems to get the right course of action.

measures on farmers generated data

Data driven farming

Data-driven farming can help farmers to increase productivity by 15-20% and reduce the costs. The decisions are suggested on the basis of data.

keeping eye on budgets & profitablity

Drones for Agriculture

Drones in Agriculture Sector – Significantly impact sustainable agriculture management and increase farm efficiencies.

Cost optimization in agriculture

Cost optimization in Agriculture

Cost Optimization – How integrating farm analytics tools and machine learning helps in resource optimization programmes?

Farm data sharing platforms

Farm Data Sharing Platforms

Data Sharing Platforms – Cloud-based systems make it possible for more than one person to access the real time data.

Quality in food industry

Managing Farmer Network for Quality Food

Farm Management Platform keeps an eye over all the activities going at the farm with various alerts i.e. preventive measures against pests.