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Agriculture Software helps to manage, monitor, and measure farms, crops, field officers, and related operations. Experience increased efficiency and productivity for your team and farms.

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Farm & Crop Profiling

Efficient Farm Record Keeping

It helps to maintain organized records and clear visibility of farm activities irrespective of geographies, agribusinesses can make informed decisions to optimize productivity and enhance sustainability.
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Update vital farm information which you need to capture via mobile app.

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Manage, monitor, and measure all activities and initiatives under unique farm IDs.

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Associate manually collected or IoT data with respective farm profiles.

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Utilize geotagging mark fields, measure acreages, and create field maps for spatial understanding.

Crop Planning and Monitoring

Optimizing Crop Management

Crop planning and monitoring module empowers agribusinesses to prepare activity calenders and implement precision farming practices, enhancing crop health and productivity while minimizing risks.
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Create crop activity calendars including nutrition, irrigation, pest, and disease schedules and good agriculture practices.

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Access farm, crop, weather, GIS and influential data to help in crafting personalized package of practices.

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Remotely monitor farms using remote sensing technology for early issue identification, crop growth performance tracking, and yield forecasting.

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Prepare crop plans and assign it to respective farm IDs

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Task Management and Automation

Streamlining Agriculture Operations

It enables efficient resource allocation and workflow optimization, contributing to increased productivity and sustainability in agriculture.
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Assign and monitor tasks for farms, field officers, and supervisors

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Automatic tasks assignments upon generation of alerts and reminders from GIS and IoTs

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Mark each activity as complete to measure parameters like nutrition usage, activity cost, carbon emission and more.

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Integration to inventory and farm financials

Crop Advisory Management

Empowering Farmer Collaboration

It facilitates proactive farmer engagement and knowledge sharing, fostering resilient farming communities and helping them nurture and grow.
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Send weather notifications, alerts, and personalized advice to farmers via mobile app.

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Allow farmers to upload images/videos of problems and request expert advice.

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Provide prompt recommendations and product purchasing options via mobile app.

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Send crop health based notifications and alerts by analyzing geospatial images.

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Inventory & Farm Financials

Effective Resource Management

Inventory and farm financials module ensures efficient resource utilization and financial transparency, enabling agribusinesses to make informed decisions for sustainable growth.
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Update and track inventory levels of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other farm inputs and associate prices.

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Monitor stock movement and usage, and set up alerts for low stock levels.

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Track farm expenses at activity level and manage operating costs.

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Generate profit and loss statements per farm ID and seamless integration with accounting softwares.

Dashboards & Analytics

Insightful Data Visualization

Dashboards and analytics module empowers agribusinesses with actionable insights, driving informed decision making and continuous improvement in farm operations.
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Visualize data through charts, graphs, and maps for easier interpretation and control role specific access.

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Utilize AI assistance for data extraction and analysis.

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Real time updates on field activities, crop growth status, resource usage etc.

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Overview of key farm metrics such as crop yields, acreage, estimated harvest etc.

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Why KhetiBuddy?

In addition to our technical expertise, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in agriculture. This enables us to comprehend your requirements thoroughly and swiftly digitise them.
Also, we ve successfully digitised and automated operations for Indias largest winery, CSR Agri development projects, and Extension projects for the government to facilitate the adoption of regenerative farming practices.
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Configure fields as per you process flows requirement. You can choose what kind of data you want to capture and accordingly configure the fields.
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Seamless Integration
It integrates seamless with IoTs, equipments, and other software.
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It enables to create automation for routine tasks allocation, for reminder generations, reports exporting etc.
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Multilingual and White labelled
The mobile app can be white labelled under you preferred brand name and it is multilingual to make it localized.

How it works?

The agriculture software helps to equip field staff, agronomists, and managers with digital tools, enabling them to streamline tasks, monitor progress, and improve decision making.

Business Requirement

Let us understand your digitization requirement and accordingly we come with the process flow.

Tailored Demo

We visualize you the process flow after digitizing and provide you the guided demo.

Go-live & Training

We offer complete hand holding till your team is practically trained on the use of software.

Enterprise farm management across various Industries

If you are in the business of managing farmers or farms our farm management module will help you manage it better.

Streamline your agribusiness operations

Manage, monitor, and measure your projects with our Agriculture Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Agriculture Software.

Agriculture software is a digital tool designed to aid in the management and optimization of agricultural practices. It encompasses features for managing farm operations, tracking crop health and growth, facilitating data-driven decisions, and improving overall productivity and efficiency on farms. By integrating technology into agriculture, this software aims to address challenges such as resource management, sustainability, and yield prediction, making farming practices more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Yes, it can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of your farm or agricultural operation. This customization allows for a more tailored approach to managing farm activities, crop cycles, and data analytics, ensuring that the software aligns well with your unique farming practices and objectives.

Yes, it offers integration capabilities with other systems to provide a comprehensive toolset for managing all aspects of farm operations. This can include connections with weather forecasting services, satellite imagery, financial management systems, and equipment or sensor data, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of farm management. Integration facilitates a centralized platform for data analysis and decision-making, streamlining operations and improving insights into farm productivity and sustainability.

Farm management software aids in crop planning and management by offering tools for tracking crop cycles, weather predictions, and soil health data. This enables more precise planting, fertilization, and irrigation strategies, leading to better resource use and sustainability. By optimizing these aspects, the software helps maintain soil integrity, reduce waste, and improve crop yields, contributing significantly to sustainable agricultural practices.

Data analysis through farm management software enables precise monitoring and assessment of soil conditions and crop health. By analyzing data from sources like soil sensors and satellite imagery, agricultural professionals can make informed decisions on crop rotation, irrigation, and fertilization. This targeted approach boosts soil health by maintaining nutrient balance and moisture levels, leading to higher crop yields and more sustainable agricultural practices.

Agtech software enhances precision agriculture practices by utilizing data analytics, satellite imagery, and sensor technology to optimize farming operations. It enables farmers to monitor crop health, soil conditions, and weather patterns in real time, allowing for targeted interventions. This precision approach improves resource efficiency, reduces waste, and increases crop yields, contributing to more sustainable and productive farming practices.

The software supports regenerative agriculture practices through features that promote soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem balance. These include tools for precise nutrient management, crop rotation planning, and monitoring soil moisture and health indicators. By leveraging data-driven insights, farmers can adopt practices that enhance carbon sequestration, reduce chemical inputs, and improve water conservation, contributing to the overall health of the land and the sustainability of farming operations.

Using farm management software contributes to sustainable agriculture by enhancing resource efficiency, reducing waste, and improving yield outcomes. It facilitates informed decision-making based on real-time data, leading to optimized use of water, nutrients, and energy. The software also supports practices that maintain soil health and biodiversity, crucial elements for sustainable agriculture. Precise management and analytics help in achieving higher productivity while minimizing environmental impact and aligning farm operations with sustainability goals.

Yes, your data is secure. It typically employs robust security measures including encryption, secure access controls, and regular security audits to protect your data. These practices ensure that sensitive information, such as farm operations data, financial records, and personal details, are safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

Implementing agriculture software in your agribusiness can streamline operations, enhance decision-making through data analytics, and improve productivity. By automating tasks, providing insights into crop health, and facilitating efficient resource management, such software supports better yield outcomes and sustainability efforts. Additionally, it can lead to cost savings by optimizing inputs and labour. The integration capabilities ensure a cohesive management system that aligns with existing workflows, making the overall farm management process more efficient and effective.

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