Adopt a unified platform approach to farming

Farm businesses need an integrated solution which can encapsulate their company management requirement for products as well as customer service needs. Precisely why we've designed a business solution which puts you in control by integrating with other business tools in the universe. It completes the loop of efficient front-end and back-end operations. Every agribusiness has a unique process for their farms. Create your own with KhetiBuddy’s platform today.

Comprehensive digital platform solution for the farming industry.

Integrated farming platform for transforming one of the oldest industry to create resilient supply chain

The need for improved crop production is at an all-time high, with limited resources and a rapidly growing population. The adoption of software that tracks activities in farms can help solve this problem by giving insight into how food gets from one stage to another on its journey towards our plate!

With our analytics platform, you'll never have to worry about your yields again. We help decision-makers prepare before setting out on the next venture or simply looking back at past successes for guidance as they plan ahead by providing robust data and machine learning algorithms that analyze field information from all over so no detail goes unnoticed when it comes down to analyzing/estimating yield rates.

Farming Industry

Software for managing farms and farmers

The software generates and advises on the best route of farm management with a data-driven algorithm for the best quality produce and output. While there are already pre-built integrations, our open API allows you to not be restricted to only certain tools but any device which has an API can bring in data to our farm management platform. What’s more? Check out the list below of our key features:

KhetiBuddy's Farming Software for Farming Industry

1Crop Health Monitoring
2Optimizing Resource-Use Efficiency
3Deep Traceability
4Increase crop yield
1Crop Health Monitoring
Crop Health Monitoring Farming

Using growth indicators of crop to monitor crop health

Without the right tools at disposal, monitoring crop health is practically similar to trying to find a needle in a haystack! It requires monitoring soil health, leaf wetness, stress tolerance, pest/disease occurrence, seed germination rate or planting density, weed population, among other points. It’s not just about getting the live data from farms but also actionable insights which will help. Any technology will not help till you have the right agronomic advice on what needs to be done which goes a long way in monitoring and optimizing the crop health.

2Optimizing Resource-Use Efficiency
3Deep Traceability
4Increase crop yield

Benefits of Farm management software for Farming Industry

A platform solution for agriculture companies that connects all farm-related software and hardware in one place. Accessibility is the key. Anywhere, anytime with an active internet connection plan from any browser-enabled device you can stay connected with the system. What's more, your farmers connect to the platform in their local language. There are many more benefits of our farming software such as:

Capturing all farm and farmer details on single platform
Integrating the solution with business software for interoperability
Simplifying compliance on good agricultural practices for quality
Advise farmers from sowing to harvesting with activity management

Simplifying Farm Management with Kheti Buddy

Integrated farm management is an area for large agribusinesses to excel in with sound tools and technologies at hand for improving fields' overall efficiency. Onboarding farmers, enabling digital modes of data gathering by field-staff, connecting with on-field devices, remote data capturing sources, and bringing all farm data into one place pave the way to efficient and comprehensive farm management. However just getting all data at one place is only half the job done for integrated farming management, you need the science to back the technology that's where our agronomists work hand in hand to help you with their on field experience to overall create an 360 degree experience for agribusiness. Get to know more about how our platform can help your agribusiness today!