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Comprehensive solution for surround farm management

Explore the deep tech and analytics embedded in our platform that provides crop yield estimates and also reduces pests and diseases incidence through precautionary measures. It possesses capabilities to integrate with CRM, analytics, and ERP solutions to bring data in single interface. Do away with multiple solutions for different challenges. Know more about our platform solution here!

Food traceability software for Food and Beverages

Managing your farmer contracting programs and food sourcing processes with unified solution

Achieve sustainability and food quality standards

The post pandemic resumption of food and beverage sector has identified the food supply chain resiliency as the solution based on the most severe test of its time. In order to bring this change in effect the agribusinesses dealing at the farmer-end of the chain need more data insights and consistently over period of time. The data from the farms and farmers as well as other sources that influence the production cycle is crucial in making decisions for a resilient and sustainable future of food chain management. That's where our platform adds value - Capturing all data points for creating visualised reports and insightful analytics for responsive decision-making.

Our platform helps agribusinesses consult farmers on agricultural practices - be it organic, residue-free or precision farming, manage farmer profile and records, share content with farmers and analyse it in the backend with custom MIS reports. Helping them track KPIs and monitor crop health and soil health with geo-tagging and indices analysis of farms to ensure quality and quantity of production as per estimates.

Food Beverage industry

Farming platform for Food & Beverage industry

Food & Beverage sector's challenges on managing their farm operations can be resolved with digital farming solutions. However most F&B institutions, for their lack of tech expertise, do not have strong resources invested in this direction to overcome these challenges. That's where KhetiBuddy's Platform can massively influence the farm operations are digitized and looked at. Here's what it constitutes

Khetibuddy's farming platform offering for F&B industry

1Maintain quality control
2Procure food sustainably
3Assist your farmer network
4Manage and track farm data
1Maintain quality control
Maintain quality control FB Industry

Keep an eye on residue-levels, agricultural practices and input consumption

The inputs consumed at the farm can be difficult to track for its compliance on usage within the permissible quantities as well as at the right time from the date of sowing. Introduce the most dynamic and proactive system for crop management by KhetiBuddy. The software recommends the practices to be followed at the right time and along with reminders including complete details of each activity. Ensuring compliance cannot get easier now with the ability to track activity level changes on the farm.

2Procure food sustainably
3Assist your farmer network
4Manage and track farm data

Benefits of Farm management solution for Food & Beverages Industry

From managing programs and activities to running a sustainable and cost efficient procurement operation, our agtech platform helps agribusinesses dealing in food sourcing, marketing and procurement in multitudes of ways. Here are some of the key benefits our solution offers:

Capture and manage farmer data
Maintain minimum residue levels
Optimize food sourcing and procurement
Analyse farm data to reduce costs
Digitise records for compliance
Educate on climate-smart and GAPs
Create two-way communication channel
Run branded app for farmer engagement

Empower your business with solution that create sustainable food production and procurement.

With platform you can not only focus on the digitizing the operations but also focus on add value to your farmer-network through remote consultation via app. Creating more reliable network while the data provides you with sufficient information on potential inflow of produce to manage supply chain. Automation of cropping scheduled activities and information on crops before hand such as the compliance on the residue-free and organic farming practices helps to get most out of the digitization. Start today and build lasting farmer relationships.