Internet of Things

The future of modernizing farm business

IoT devices provide farmers with a wealth of data to help them make informed decisions about their crops. It benefits all relevant stakeholders evenly in the process by capturing and processing data on individual farm-level which gives visibility as much as required. Know how to use IoT devices using our platform.

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IoT for Agriculture enables farmers to maximize yields and profits by automating tasks, collecting data, and providing real-time insights. Through the use of robots, drones, sensors, and computer imaging, agriculturalists can reduce labor costs while improving accuracy and efficiency. By monitoring farms using IoT technology, growers can identify problems early and take corrective action before yield is impacted.

IoT devices and its combination of robotics, drones, and sensors simplifies monitoring factors like soil moisture levels, air quality, and crop health. IoT for Agriculture can help farmers optimize their yields and increase their profits. So if you're looking to bring your farm into the 21st century, look no further than IoT for Agriculture Software

Precision Farming

Collect, Process and Optimize using data

Crop health status
Pest & disease control
Drones & satellite imagery
Automate fertilization
Soil & water management

Optimize farms for increasing productivity

Soil health status
Soil humidity
Soil temperature
Automate irrigation

Aspects of Farming automated and optimized using IoT for Agriculture

IoT devices can provide you with a plethora of data regarding farm’s activities and status on crop and soil health at any given point in time. But integrating IoT devices across different solutions and bringing data in one view is a challenge with IoT devices. That’s why agtech platforms such as KhetiBuddy’s farm management platform solution can enable your IoT journey with a singular management view. Make your IoT implementation more accessible, manageable and seamless for your team :
With the help of our platform, you can manage and collect data from individual IoT devices. Use our turnkey platform to easily integrate IoT devices.

FAQs on IoT for Agriculture

One of the most useful technologies in agriculture today for precision farming is IoT. With its capability to capture, analyze and predict the state of the farm, it is by far the most advanced, although cost intensive, approach to increasing productivity and profits. Some of the key benefits includes:

1. Automate farming activities with the help of robots and drones
2. Maximize profits by increasing yields and yield quality
3. Increase efficiency and accuracy on your farm
4. Track soil nutrients, crop growth, & weather patterns
Generally, IoT devices have open APIs to integrate with other solutions. Most IoT devices however could be deployed specific to a farm or crops, in such cases integration could be done with appropriate mapping of the operation process in a stage-wise format.