Regenerative Agriculture

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Bring back Healthier Soil,
For a Healthier Planet

Drastically changing climate conditions and high susceptibility to pests causes significant crop losses. Industry’s response with usage of more agro chemicals has further fueled the problem. It’s need of the hour to improve soil and restore its fertility naturally. Balanced nutrition availability naturally builds the ability to resist pests, grow healthy, and adapt to climate changes.

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Soil Health Management for Regenerative Agriculture

Farm management software for monitoring and implementing effective Regenerative farming projects.

Regenerative Agriculture – The power to reverse effects of soil loss

Our civilization has shifted the balance of soil health towards a point where it no longer supports life without our inputs. This has not only made farming economically unfeasible for small landholders but also made environmentally harmful which contributes to climate change. Enter Regenerative Agriculture Software.

Regenerative farming practices, particularly those that raise soil organic matter, enhance soil health. In addition to improving the diversity and health of the soil biota, this also boosts biodiversity, enhances soil's ability to store water. It also offers great environmental benefit in the form of carbon sequestered through these set of practices at greater depths within the soil layers. This lowers atmospheric CO2 levels that harm the climate and eventually the food production cycle. The change in the nitrogen to carbon levels can change and enhance the soil structure to mitigate the massive, civilization-threatening loss of soil that comes as a result of human interventions.

How to choose the right solution for Regenerative Agriculture?

The biggest question today is how businesses and individual farmers can be assured of being on the right track with regenerative farming practices? And what tools are required to keep this check? By measuring the process with our solution you can now build and understand relationships between change in soil health over time due to practices such as cover crops, crop diversification and no-till. These data points on soil health, biodiversity, crop growth and other data sources combined helps you analyze the progress through a systematic farm digitization process.

Here’s what KhetiBuddy’s solution offers for regenerative farming:

Driving the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

1Manage Farms and Data Collection
2Remotely monitoring Fields & Activities
3Track soil health and organic carbon
4Data analytics for decision-making
1Manage Farms and Data Collection

Digitizing records of farms, farm activities and the change.

Initiating the process of capturing data would require thorough understanding of the end goals. Here the process begins right from the baseline data on soil health, historic crop data, yield predictions and input consumption records. These records can be analyzed for tracking progress, reporting and decision-making by the agribusinesses or individual farmers involved. Field level data collection will not only build for a strong database for future but will also pave the way for proven methodologies that create impact. Regenerative farming is still in the gray area for assured benefits but we can rest assure that if the process is digitized then the benefits of the program can be quantified. These records on practices and activities can also help organizations who look into regenerative certifications as well.

2Remotely monitoring Fields & Activities
3Track soil health and organic carbon
4Data analytics for decision-making

Leveraging KhetiBuddy's Software Platform for Regenerative Farming

Switching from your traditional farming practices and science to regenerative practices that mimic the very nature of growing requires solutions that guides on practices, monitor progress and enables effective implementation. KhetiBuddy’s solution resolves the fundamental challenges in practicing regenerative agriculture which includes tracking the very change in the soil health and its impact on the yield.

Here are some of the key benefits of KhetiBuddy’s farm management solution for implementing regenerative agriculture:

Enable data collection of practices, soil testing, and weather
Establish baseline status to track and analyze comparative data
Analyze and visualize data on per farm level
Manage activities, expenses, and track labor
Track crop-wise inputs and yield per unit area
Track soil biomass and carbon stock changes
Analyze data to get insights on impact of practices
Track reduction in input consumption

Together, we can progress better towards food security and agricultural productivity!

Scale your climate-smart programs with KhetiBuddy as your technology partner for educating farmers, weather-based advisory dissemination, tracking climate-resilient initiatives and more. Many possibilities with our software platform that matches solutions to meet the objectives and provides agronomy expertise that most agribusinesses today must have. Consult with us today!