Carbon Farming Solution

Looking for ways to offset your carbon emissions?

Leverage KhetiBuddy’s software to digitize the ways to reduce your farm’s emissions, and then sell your credits in carbon exchange markets. To make a difference for the environment and earn in the process.

Our carbon farm accounting system is:

  1. Optimized for all crops including rice
  2. Accounts for activity based carbon sequestration
  3. Remote Sensing based monitoring of farms
  4. Data collection system via custom farm app

Viable way to mitigate Climate Change :
Carbon Sequestration

Agricultural practices emit carbon from soil, the storage unit of organic carbon, into the air which then bonds with other elements in atmosphere. This contributes to climate change and we are on a journey to slow down this process.

Why Choose KhetiBuddy's Carbon Farming Solution?

Agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions but is also a part of the solution. KhetiBuddy's Farming Software enables carbon farming by digitizing carbon sequestration practices to help farmers and agribusinesses measure and monitor their carbon footprint and get credit for it.

Customizable farm digitization process
VERRA compliant carbon farming process
Computes carbon sequestered and emissions
Live tracking of farming activities
Monitoring of farms and digitizing records
Compliance and traceability
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Who is it for?

Individual Farmers
Corporate Farms
Foundations & NGOs

Unified Farm Management Software for
Carbon Farming

Kheti Buddy’s farm management software helps Agribusinesses who have network of farmers and individual farmers interested in carbon farming through recommendation of regenerative agricultural practices. Want to learn more? Our team would be happy to give you a walkthrough on the process, submit the form above!