Nurturing Your Farm: Thriving Through Water Sustainability

We already know that water is one of the most crucial agricultural inputs. If water is so important in agriculture, then it is crucial to utilise this boon as efficiently as possible. Water sustainability in agricultural operations means the reliable and efficient administration of water resources to make sure that the long-term employment of agricultural...
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Empowering Smallholder Farmers Towards Sustainable Livelihoods

Smallholder farmers are the backbone of the nation’s food production, which is vital in ensuring food security for millions of people. Despite their significant contribution to agriculture, smallholder farmers often face numerous challenges that hinder their livelihoods and productivity.  Limited access to resources, vulnerability to climate change, and inadequate market opportunities are some hurdles they...
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It’s Time We Know Our Farmer

It’s Time We Know Our Farmer In the last 6 months of meeting several stakeholders from the agriculture industry, one question which has stayed in mind as we head to 2018, is do we really know our farmer? We know who our banker is, we know who our lawyer is, we are very picky when...
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Know Your Soil: Hows and Whys of Soil Testing

Know Your Soil: Hows and Whys of Soil Testing Before the start of any crop cycle it is important for any farmer to know his soil quality well. Knowing the nutrient content of farm soil is the first step towards a proper farm management cycle. Every crop has a specific nutrient requirement, which is fulfilled...
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