Farm Analytics

Turn farm data into insights!

Apply advanced algorithms and visual depiction of farms and farmers under your belt, you can now bring insights right from the field to corporate at live speed.

Enter into the world of data driven decision making!

Be informed, aware and ready to make the move with live farm data on-the-go!

Farm analytics has significantly shifted the orientation of agribusiness decision making processes ever since the digitization has taken over. The new approach blends in the advanced form of technologies including AI for farm optimizations. This presents an opportunity for agribusiness to take the lead in changing the course of their business goals to shorten its timelines immensely.

It is a great contributor in impacting the small and medium holding farmers who are assisted by these agribusinesses due to outputs of the farm analytics. Farmers themselves play a vital role in contributing to these data sets who are connected via mobile devices to these agribusinesses forming the forefront for consuming, gathering and processing data into impactful insights. It provides many indirect benefits like improving yield, making better decisions in adopting proactive approaches towards farming, optimizing resource utilization and so on.

farm analytics

Applications of Farm Analytics for different industries

Any and all businesses have the ability to benefit from data significantly to create a healthy competitive edge. These agribusinesses in particular have immediate impact with live data:

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1Efficient M&E system for farms and farmers
2Secure your data on cloud
3Built with BI Tool
4Farm data to actionable insights
1Efficient M&E system for farms and farmers

Operational analytics and activity, expense and status reports to digitize and track progress

  • Analysis that offers valuable insights into food production costs, offers real-time alerts on activities and detects anomalies. Managing food quality and standard compliance can be achieved with M&E system. Establish quality checks throughout food production as well as supply chain process depending on compliance and quality requirements.
2Secure your data on cloud
3Built with BI Tool
4Farm data to actionable insights

Benefits of Farm Analytics for Agribusinesses

Agribusinesses today are leveraging data for making daily decisions on many fronts. Here are few benefits of having a digitized farm analytics solution:

Improve operational efficiency and increase productivity and profitability.
Make informed business decisions with enhanced predictions, forecasts and reports.
Keep farmers updated on the data-driven decision making process to prevent losses.
Draw analytical insights on expenses, inventory and crop growth.

Keep a close eye on your farm operations remotely!

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FAQs on Farm Analytics for Agribusinesses

Data analytics is giving farmers the tools to make their operations more efficient and profitable. It's helping them understand what challenges face nature, which in turn reduces waste or increases yields for crops like corn by monitoring weather patterns with greater accuracy than ever before. Overall farm analytics will provide a better picture of their farm’s financial and health status to make better decisions.
Study found that precision agriculture practices have increased innovation among small farmers who adopt these strategies compared with large farmers - even with controlling variables. These findings suggest data driven solutions may be able offer meaningful benefits beyond fertilizers sales; they could also benefit agribusinesses through improving our understanding on how resources are being used up to give actionable insights.