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About Kheti Buddy Gardening service

If you are someone who aspires to cultivate a home garden but finding it tough due to lack of time or resources, you can use Kheti Buddy’s home gardening and garden maintenance services in Pune. We can help you set up your home kitchen garden without any of the hassles. Whether you’ve got a packed schedule or if you want a professional helping hand, our expert gardeners are available on demand.

The Kheti Buddy gardening services in Pune can be availed on a one-time basis or can be scheduled once every month depending on your preference and the scale of the home garden. Our pro gardeners will pay a visit to your home and help you set up your home garden, guiding you on best practices along the way.

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What Do Our Pro Gardening Services Include?

We offer end-to-end gardening services that include


Preparing the right mix of fertiliser that is best suited for the vegetables you wish to grow and setting up the soil beds for optimal growth.


Application of pesticides and insecticides as necessary to protect your garden from likely pests and crop disease.


Trimming down of overgrown plants to give an elegant look to your garden. Also ensuring optimal growth and space utilization.


Removal of unwanted or weak growth in certain plants to ensure a stronger and longer life cycle and yield.


Setting up a weekly schedule for optimal watering of plants.


The core process of gardening. Our experts will guide you through a more effective potting process.


Planting the seeds with adequate spacing and appropriate soil mix to ensure richer yield.


Why should you opt for our garden maintenance services?

Save time and money

If you want the benefits of a kitchen garden but you don’t have the time to invest, use our online gardening services and you can reap the rewards sitting at home. Your plants will be managed and taken care of by our team of home gardening experts.

Healthy and contaminant free

The biggest benefit of having your own kitchen garden is that you can be assured that no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers have been used. Our home and garden services use only the choicest organic fertilizers and additives to ensure that your vegetables are healthy inside out.

Connect with nature

Always wanted a cosy green nook to sit back and read your favourite book? Our home garden maintenance services ensure that your garden is not only fruitful but beautiful aesthetically as well. Simply sit back and enjoy your own little oasis of peace.

Maximise effective use of space

If you’re a gardening greenhorn it can be difficult to know how to use the little space you have effectively. Our roof gardening service experts help you find the perfect balance and layout for your garden. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious kitchen garden or a flower bed to brighten up your day, we have you covered.

In your city

You can opt for gardening services in Mumbai, gardening services in Pune, gardening services in Ahmedabad, we come to your doorstep. Simply schedule your desired maintenance frequency, daily, weekly or monthly and we will ensure that your kitchen garden is in top shape. Contact us now to get started on your own.

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