If you desire to join the community of green thumbs and show your love for all things leafy, then your destination just arrived! With KhetiBuddy’s gardening workshop, you can give a boost to your plant-parenting skills. We’ve got you covered from the basics like sowing seeds, setting up a garden with hands-on tips, making the right soil mix, and learning how to harvest it.

About Home Gardening Workshops

The quality and safety of the food we eat is paramount to boost our immunity. People are turning to organic and homegrown produce as the safest way to minimize exposure to hazards and keep themselves healthy. Home gardening has seen a huge boom and is soon becoming an essential part of our post-pandemic lifestyles.

If done right, gardening can be a very rewarding and relaxing activity. So, for those who are really interested in setting up their very own home garden yet don’t have the know-how, Kheti Buddy’s gardening workshops offer a quick way to get you up to speed on being a professional green thumb. 

The online workshop offers practical know-how with learning visual aids on gardening, where you will learn the basics and receive a step-by-step guide on how to effectively manage your garden. You will eventually learn how to grow and maintain your very own kitchen garden with all the essentials you need for your kitchen.

Many home growers have benefited through our workshops since we started, while we conduct a monthly workshop at our venues as well as online, we also do custom workshops for societies, clubs and corporates who are interested in spreading the awareness of growing food at home.


Home Gardening Workshop Sessions

Is your garden facing a test of survival under your brown hands? It’s time to upskill your green skills! If you’ve set up a garden or are planning to, then the perfect way to go about it is to learn the basics of composting, soil, farming, and watering the plants. These virtual sessions will help you equip with just the right methods and tools!

Be a Plant Parent - First steps towards creating your own green patch!

This session will cover the basics right from choosing the apt location, light requirement, seed selection, water requirement, and much more

Growing Food From Food - The F3 Formula!

This session covers guidance on growing common vegetables at home. Easy steps to growing Leafy vegetables (palak, methi, etc) , fruit vegetables (Tomato, Brinjal, etc), and creepers ( Cucumber, Bitter gourds, etc ) will be explained here.

Organic Gardening - Enabling Green Thumbs

The Organic Gardening session covers the basics of organic composting and sustainable organic garden planning and learns to grow organic.

Be a plant warrior – Protect your plant from pest attack!

This session explains how to effectively protect your garden from different pests and diseases with some home-based formulations and how one can formulate them with the commonly found commodities at home

Microgreens – The new health mantra!

This session is about simplifying growing microgreens. The commonly preferred microgreens, growth requirement, material required, and harvesting will be explained in detail

Kitchen Composting – My Waste, My Responsibility!

This session covers the basics of composting and how to make compost from the comforts of their home.

Strategy and Planning

- Why organic vegetables
- Basic concepts of Seeds, Sowing, Planting & Gardening tools
- Selection of Vegetables (Regular & Exotic Veg) -Organic Fertilizers for vegetable crops
-Pest and Disease management in Vegetable plants
-Basics of home composting
-Sneak-Peek into Hydroponics (Soil less farming method) /medicinal plants for home growing

Hands- On Activity/Demos:

- Pot filling
- Identification of healthy, disease-free planting materials and sowing/ transplanting
- Pollination by hands
- Plant support (trellising)
- Identification and usage of Medicinal and exotic vegetables
- Home composting

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Learn Gardening Online from Experts


With myriads of methods and a multitude of workshops whether you’re a brown or a green thumb, we enable those who hold a desire to go green! Gain the fulfilling experience of organic gardening and indulge yourself with the pleasure of having homegrown delicious organic veggies. Guided by experts on what to grow and how to make a garden plan for you the organic gardening could become a cakewalk for you!  

The Hottest Pick - Kitchen Garden Workshop!

Many organic gardening enthusiasts and aspiring green thumbs look forward to kitchen gardening workshops. We understand your need to have the best quality of leafy greens, nurtured by self which is the secret recipe of delicious and healthy organic food. Designed to capture just the kind of audience for delivering high-quality hands-on training on how to grow and benefit from a wholesome experience! Our experts teach you the core activities of growing food to get you a soothing drive-in on your journey.

Meet our Workshop Coaches!

Dr. Richa Nair (CEO @Aariabiolife and Co-Founder and CSO @KhetiBuddy – A Division of Aarialife Group)

With a Doctorate in Biochemistry, Dr. Richa has 15+ years of hands-on experience in helping thousands of farmers and home enthusiasts in farming and growing residue-free, sustainable and organic food at their farms and garden. With great enthusiasm, she shares her experience specifically on how to grow food at home with her experienced team effectively.

Dr. Ashvini Motaphale (Crop Consultant @KhetiBuddy – A Division of Aarialife Group)

Dr. Ashvini is an entomologist with 10+ years of on field experience in protecting plants. At Kheti Buddy she has been working with agriculturists and horticulturists for garden App content development. She works very closely with urban gardeners for fresh content and new concepts. An avid gardener herself, she keeps experimenting with new gardening formats and has been involved in guiding various growers on different garden platforms.

Need help to grow a garden? Do you have questions about our workshops? We would love to answer them.

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Due to Covid, we’ve temporarily halted our on-site workshops on the terrace. We hope to resume it as soon as things return to their prior state and wish to see the joy of our attendees in ‘learning by doing’ fulfilling gardening activities.

Workshops are not often rescheduled unless and until there are unforeseeable circumstances. In such scenarios, a future date shall be communicated to you over call or email, whichever is convenient to you. 

We only accept online payment modes via UPI or net banking. The details for payment shall be shared with you along with the workshop details.

We’re open for your gardening related queries based on the workshop, 15 days from the date of the workshop. It’s a follow-up on your gardening success and for any hiccups, you may have faced during this period. 

Post every workshop, there is a 15 minutes Q&A session where you can shoot your questions to our Coach. They will answer you within the live session. You can also share your questions in the Q&A box if you wish to raise a question during any session. However, all questions are answered at the end of the workshop to maintain the delivery flow of the demonstration.

For new and budding enthusiasts, we recommend you start off your gardening journey with ‘Be a Plant Parent’ workshop. It covers the fundamentals which are especially composed for newbies covering hands on tips and hacks on composting, watering, soil composition, and learning to grow organic. This workshop is the perfect way to take your first few steps from a no-gardener to pro-gardener.

If you’ve ever wondered what food tastes like when you grow it yourself – It is for you! If you hope to have a satisfying and heart-filling experience of growing food – It is for you! If you think organic gardening is worth a shot – It is for you! If living healthy is part of your lifestyle – It is for you! Still, confused? Talk to our Green Thumbs team to know for sure.

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To understand more on how we can customize a module for your team, send us a mail with a quick brief to ws@khetibuddy.com or call us on +91 9172283500.

Participate to experience the joy of growing your own food
through our next Workshop!!

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