KVK Collaboration

KhetiBuddy helps Krishi Vigyan Kendra digitize farming operations for thousands of Cotton farmers in Parbhani, Maharashtra

KhetiBuddy, a leading agtech platform, has successfully collaborated with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Parbhani to increase biodiversity and educate and train 2,000 farmers on sustainable cotton growing practices in Parbhani.

The objective of the project was to improve soil health and promote sustainable cotton-growing practices. KhetiBuddy provided a personalized and dynamic cotton schedule to guide farmers, while also monitoring the soil health status for biodiversity and crop health with remote sensing technology. The platform helped reduce costs, and increase yield, and overall soil health.

The results of the project have been significant. Farmers have adopted new farming practices that improve soil biodiversity, leading to healthier crops and higher yields. KhetiBuddy's timely advisory services based on crop health have helped farmers monitor pests and diseases, which has contributed to higher crop quality.

Project supervised by Dr Richa Pawar-Nair, Chief Scientific Officer at KhetiBuddy said, "Our platform is helping lakhs of small and large farmers today. These farmers get value from our services to protect and manage their crops. With the same endeavor and zeal, we delivered farming advisory services to farmers associated with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Parbhani to bridge the gap of digital services and create value for farmers. It gives me immense pleasure to see how impactful our everyday farming activity guidance has been for these farmers."

To help track progress and develop reports, KhetiBuddy provided a custom dashboard for KVK Parbhani. This dashboard has been instrumental in tracking the progress of the project, and has helped identify areas where further improvements can be made.

Here's a testimony of Dr. Prashant Bhosale, Senior Scientist at KVK - Parbhani -(https://youtu.be/6EhWg0jXaWs)

Speaking on the success of the project, Head of KVK Parbhani, Dr. Prashant Bhosale, said, "KhetiBuddy has been a valuable partner in this project. Their platform has helped our farmers adopt sustainable practices that improve crop productivity and reduce cost of production. We are grateful for their contribution to this project."

KhetiBuddy's success in this project has showcased the potential for agtech platforms to revolutionize agriculture and promote sustainable practices. The company continues to innovate and develop new solutions to help farmers improve their yield, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices.

KhetiBuddy is an agtech platform that provides personalized and dynamic farming solutions to farmers and helps agribusinesses manage their farms and farmers. The company's mission is to promote sustainable farming practices and help farmers improve their yield while reducing costs. KhetiBuddy has been recognized for its innovative solutions and has won several awards for its contributions to the agriculture sector.

You can contact KhetiBuddy at (hs@khetibuddy.com)