Looking to start building a platform for products online?

Our Agriculture Marketplace Software is the perfect solution for you. With our seamless integration with third-party platforms, you'll be able to easily manage your payments, analytics, and listings. Plus, our product experts will help you design your online market strategy so you can hit the ground running. Ready to get started?

Create your own online agriculture marketplace

You've got a great product, but you're not sure how to get it in front of the right people. The KhetiBuddy’s Agriculture Marketplace offers an easy way for farmers and manufacturers/distributors of inputs to directly transact with each other.

Our marketplace solutions make it easy for you to connect with customers anywhere in the world, at any time. With our mCommerce platform, you can expand your service radius, bring visibility to your brand name and product, increase your margins and provide a potential lucrative market to meet customer's expectations.


Applications of Agriculture Marketplace

We design Agriculture Marketplace Software to best suit your requirements and help you succeed in an online marketplace model. With every detail for your online business centrally managed and tracked, the cumulative reports or analysis of your business strategy gets easier. This helps stimulate your growth and stay proactive about market trends and increase profits. Here are some key applications of agriculture marketplace software:
Accelerate your time to revenue with ready marketplace mold built for agribusinesses.
buyer seller platform
Buyer-seller Platform

Built and ready for agribusinesses

Easy Consumer and Seller onboarding
Low intervention by market host
Enabling easy transaction
Order and Payment integrations
multi channel
Multi-channel, Same Experience

Sales growth enabler for agribusiness

Increase sales and revenue
Organically grow your vendors
Get sales data reports and dashboard
Purchase and User behavior analytics

FAQs on Agriculture Marketplace

No, it doesn’t require any technical expertise from your end. We created this mCommerce marketplace solution for aspiring agribusinesses with focus on growth. Further, we provide our development services for customization, if required, along with support and step-by-step guidance.
With KhetiBuddy, you’ll find yourself with a partner who understands agri space and the challenges within the domain. Your marketplace needs to have the flexibility and agility to keep in pace with the trends of agriculture’s digital interactions which are changing rapidly. Agriculture Marketplace Software makes it easy for sellers to manage orders, invoices, and shipments – without any micromanagement from you. Plus, with a diverse product range and more sellers available, you can tap into an unexplored customer base and boost your revenue. Want to improve conversions and maximize your profits? Add new sellers and a wider catalog of product categories to expand your source of revenue from the marketplace via post sale commissions.