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Our SAAS based unified agtech platform is modular in nature which helps any agribusiness choose the modules they need and personalise the technology to be available across their stake holders.

Why should you choose our Unified Agtech platform ?

Every agribusiness has a need to improve efficiency across their operations. What is needed is a technology platform which will help to make that vision a reality not only by helping farmers but the entire agri value chain it caters to more accessible to each other on an as-need basis.

Agribusiness need not own the platform, the need of the hour is simply allowing them to access the technology which enables them the interactions across farmers, farms and their entire agri ecosystem without changing their operations.

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Platform Overview


Farm and Farmer management

Every farm and farmer can be managed within the platform right from registration of farms and farmers to all other demographics as needed by your business. Farmers can directly interact with the data being captured on the farm or the engagement can be managed by extension officers who manage a cluster of farmers.

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Remote Sensing

Our remote sensing module helps in acquiring farm images through satellite sensors as well as drones and helps in yield estimation and integrate with on field crop advisory. We are currently working on several spectral indices for agriculture namely NDVI, NDMI, NDWI, GNDVI, MSAVI to mention a few, the values from these indices seamlessly can integrate with your needs on farm to make farm management more proactive.

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IoT Sensors

Manage your farms better by the deployment of IOT sensors. Our platform allows your to capture data from various IOT sensors which you deploy on the farms and integrate with other modules for a unified view which helps you make informed decisions realtime for your farms.

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Personalise your Crop Models

We help you create your own crop modules which not only focusses on package of practices for your crop schedules but also integrate them with weather, soil and other data captured on farm. You have the ability to publish and monitor crop schedules as per your need to your set of farmers centrally.

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Advisory module helps you capture any sort of issues at farm from the farmers with the help of audio, video or text. Your agronomy team can manage all queries sitting centrally and build a knowledge base to support large set of farms and farmers efficiently. We also have ready made connector to standard ticketing platforms like Zoho desk & Netsuite to run your farm advisory.

content management

Content Management

One of the needs is to educate farmers as well as growers on best practices. Use our content management system to publish content in form of text, audio or video to transfer knowledge in any language. Our CMS helps in organising data which is needed by the farmers or growers to improve the process of farming.

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Farm Analytics

Grow your farm insights through our smart farm analytics. Our analytics module helps you identify hidden opportunities within your farm data. It helps you create dashboards, define your own farm metrics or use from our ready to use templates to take your farm analytics to a whole new level of experience.

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