Precision Farming: The Future Of Agriculture

“Precision farming, a dance with technology and nature,

Where data and sensors play their part,

To optimise the growth of every plant,

And bring bountiful harvests to a farmer’s heart.”

Precision agriculture is the science of using high-tech sensors and analysis tools to improve crop yields and assist management decisions. It is a new concept that is being used all over the world to increase food production, reduce labour time, and ensure effective fertiliser and irrigation management.

It makes extensive use of data and information to improve agricultural resource utilisation, yields, and crop quality. Agribusinesses can achieve precision farming with the help of cutting-edge agriculture softwares to enhance their operations and productivity.

A Quick Overview Of Precision Farming’s History 

Precision agriculture emerged in the 1950s and 1960s when the first GPS satellites were launched.

These technologies, however, were not widely adopted by farmers until the 1980s and 1990s. The availability of satellite imagery and other remote sensing data, as well as the development of more affordable and user-friendly GPS receivers and mapping software, all contributed to this.

Precision agriculture has evolved and expanded since then, with the inception of new technologies such as sensors, drones, and autonomous vehicles, as well as advances in data management and analysis tools. Farmers all over the world are now using precision agriculture to improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of their operations.

Some Benefits Of Precision Farming In Agribusiness

  • Improved crop yields and productivity: Precision farming techniques such as variable rate application of inputs and precision planting can help farmers optimise crop yields and productivity by ensuring that each area of a field receives the exact amount of resources it needs.
  • Reduced input costs: Precision farming tools such as soil sensors and drones can help farmers better understand their fields and make more informed decisions about when and where to apply inputs such as fertiliser and water. This can lead to more efficient use of inputs and lower costs for farmers.
  • Increased efficiency: Precision farming technologies such as GPS-guided tractors and field mapping software can help farmers more accurately and efficiently manage their fields. This can lead to increased efficiency and a reduction in labour and machinery costs.
  • Increased profitability: By reducing input costs and increasing crop yields, precision farming can help farmers improve their profit margins. Additionally, precision farming techniques can also lead to higher-quality crops that fetch higher prices in the market.
  • Environmental benefits: By decreasing the use of inputs, precision farming can help farmers reduce their environmental impact, by reducing the risk of runoff and leaching, for example.
  • Better data management: Precision farming technologies can help farmers collect and store large amounts of data about their fields, which can be used to make more informed decisions about crop management in the future. This can help farmers improve their overall farm management and long-term profitability. 

Top Precision Farming Technologies Used By Agribusinesses

  • GPS & GIS- Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems are used in precision farming to improve crop efficiency and yield through mapping, tracking equipment movement, storing and analysing data on soil, weather, and crop growth, creating precision planting and fertilisation plans, and identifying low-yield areas.
  • Variable Rate Technology- VRT in precision farming allows farmers to apply inputs such as fertiliser and seed at different rates across a field, based on the specific needs of each area. This allows farmers to optimise crop yields, reduce input costs, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Auto-Steer- In precision farming, auto-steer uses GPS to control the direction and speed of equipment for more accurate planting and harvesting, leading to increased yields and reduced costs. It also reduces human fatigue and errors. 
  • Data Collection & Analytics- Data analytics can assist farmers in real-time crop health monitoring, predictive analytics for future yields, and resource management decisions based on proven trends. It also boosts profits while reducing waste.
  • Yield Monitors- Using GPS and GIS technology, yield monitors on combines measure the amount of harvest collected at specific spots geo-located across a field to produce yield maps during the harvest season. In order to improve farm management decisions, yield maps are combined with other precision ag technology, such as soil maps and VRT maps.
  • Artificial Intelligence- AI systems are assisting in raising the overall accuracy and quality of the crop. AI technology aids in the detection of pests, plant diseases, and undernutrition in farms. AI sensors can identify and target weeds before deciding which herbicide to use in the area.
  • Remote Sensing- The use of remote sensing technology is a crucial tool for site-specific crop management. It has the potential to offer in-the-moment analysis of a crop’s characteristics that can help with prompt management choices that influence the outcome of the present crop. 

Why Kheti Buddy For Precision Farming? 

According to Pierre C. Robert, who is regarded as the father of precision farming, precision agriculture is more than just the introduction of new technologies; rather, it is a revolution in information made possible by new technologies that result in a higher level, more accurate farm management system.

To achieve such an accurate farm management system, agribusinesses will need top-notch farm management softwares that help them optimise farm profitability and efficiency.

Kheti Buddy is one such software that enables agribusinesses to utilise their precision inputs in the right manner and achieve better results than with traditional methods. 

Stop looking for ways to improve your business here and there; turn to Kheti Buddy’s precision farming software now for more agile and dynamic farming experiences!

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