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Switch to the advanced ERP solution for agribusinesses

KhetiBuddy’s Farm ERP solution is powered with its farm management platform making it a scalable solution with advanced plant management solution. We ensure that an agribusiness is enabled to efficiently perform and maintain their field.
Change your entire business into a digital business!

From Pre-sowing to Post-Harvesting, Capture, Analyze, and Manage Information that Matters!

With KhetiBuddy’s Farm ERP for digitizing agriculture, agribusinesses feel empowered to make data driven decisions in real-time and pedal their agricultural operations on an optimization path. Our comprehensive agriculture ERP solution for agribusinesses should digitize all agricultural activities and enable them to get a snapshot of their business, like their purchase, inventory, sales, accounting, payroll, financial, and administrative affairs on a unified platform. Multiple modules along with custom modules for all kinds of tracking to boost your cropping productivity and optimizing resource utilization.

Applications of Farm-ERP’s capabilities are high given the digital inclination in the present agri context, where multiple solutions are employed to conduct key operational activities such as inventory management of agri-chemicals and equipment, tracking crops and labor’s activities, and monitoring finance/cash-flow. Our Farm ERP solution helps in streamlining your processes by making suitable customizations to the software.

Agriculture ERP App features