Farmer Producer Organization

Increase revenue with data insights on your farms and farmers

The FPOs / FPCs are powerful because they function collectively yet their data is always kept separately and never used for decision-making. Introduce technology that can help you use the data for better decision making and drastically reducing costs of your farm businesses; be it sales & marketing or procurement management - Platform solution is the way ahead.
Scaling and managing FPC/FPOs’ business operations of different verticals.

Manage agri input sales, procurement and farmer records

The usage of our platform will make the entire farming process easier for everyone. From getting sowing advice to following climate-resilient farming practices, farmers can get all necessary information via a farm app which has a user-friendly interface and is used by thousands of farmers already! Plus they'll be able monitor their profiles as well which ensures accountability by both parties involved in this agreement: we provide you tools while also letting yourself be monitored throughout your use too. Managing accounts, sales and procurement will get easier, more efficient and swift with data on your finger tips.

The farmers will be able to get all of their agronomy needs met with our platform. They can also view weather forecasts and other information about farming practices, request for input materials or even update data on the app if needed- everything from one place! This means that management has the access not just to what's happening in the field but how well everyone is doing at any given time which provides an excellent perspective on progress across departments (and individuals).

Software for farmer producer organizations

Software to increase revenue from farm business

Farmer producer companies (FPCs or FPOs) have it tough to manage farmers and increase revenue at the same time. Foundation years of FPOs/FPCs play a significant role in developing steady growth patterns and more traction with farmers to create more sales, thus revenue. With KhetiBuddy’s solution now farmer-producers can get better at management and increase efficiency using these modules:

What KhetiBuddy’s Solution offers to Farmer Producer Organizations

1Managing Farmer Registration
2Record Keeping and Accounting
3Managing sales and procurement
4Advising farmers on GAP
1Managing Farmer Registration
Managing Farmer Registration

Simplifying farmer onboarding, profile and farmer data management

Farmer-members registered under FPOs are enrolled under various business activities of FPOs such as agri input sales, procurement of commodities, finance/credit and training. With numerous transactions taking place over the year, it is very cumbersome to track all the transactions and details on an individual basis. Moreover, the pen-and-paper mode of tracking doesn’t help businesses get a clear picture of overall business status with respect to its expected growth and revenue. With KhetiBuddy’s solution all records of farmers can be digitized with a clear transparent channel for communication between farmer-members and board of directors. Tracking these records can help FPOs/FPCs better account for their active farmer-members and embark on new business avenues.

2Record Keeping and Accounting
3Managing sales and procurement
4Advising farmers on GAP

Benefits of Farming Software for FPOs/FPCs

Digitizing transactional records is key to turning any business profitable. To optimize processes, cut costs and increase overall productivity data is a must. Turning your business digital to increase compliance to farming practices, accounting norms and regulations is a bridge that farmer producer organizations need to overcome. KhetiBuddy’s platform solution can help bridge this gap with ease. Here are some of the key benefits of our solution:

Optimize procurement and credit tracking for better recovery
Create and track online agri input sales channel
Ensure organic farming practices adoption with crop schedules
Manage multiple farms and regions for many farmers
Practice geotagging of farms and GIS analysis
Increase crop production with GAP compliance
Leverage advisory platform for consulting farmers
Broadcast weather forecast and procurement rates
Manage farmer payments and ledger for individual farmers
Use farm analytics tool to analyze your business growth
Use accounting and management software for business
Conduct farmer surveys to make better decisions

One-place for all your data management needs!

The FPOs/FPCs manage several verticals of agribusinesses headed by several department heads and/or board of directors, making the day in life of FPO’s CEO a challenging one. Introduce technology to track, manage and maintain records of all business activities at a single place. Most importantly our solution enables FPOs to function more efficiently and engage with their registered farmer members proactively. Talk to our sales representative to know more!