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Build a gardening app for your community that can help you generate more sales revenue from gardening inputs and equipments, gardening courses and workshops, gardening services and much more. Hosting a gardening community means providing comprehensive solutions to their challenges and what better way than to have it all resolved in an unified experience over your app? Check out Khetibuddy's platform for gardening here!
Experiencing the swift tech upgradation of your business with our gardening platform

Grow and scale your gardening venture with ready business tools

Today's gardening enthusiasts and green thumbs are generally more tech savvy than before. Digital channels are not just a nice to have additions to your existing channels but rather one of the key propellent of the business. Over thousands of transactions take place in a day of gardening ventures. To keep up with this trend, businesses today need robust digital solutions that is both scalable and customisable to their needs.

But, setting up a gardening venture is not as smooth as it sounds. With Khetibuddy's platform for gardening community you can make your business ready with e-commerce, gardening services, gardening workshop/learning management, analytics and so on. These consumer data metrics empowers you to trim the losers and promote the winners to make more revenue out of the gardening sales. Create more engaging experience for your gardening community with content on Q&As, advisory, stories, tip and tricks and so on.

software for gardening ventures

The Gardening platform software for Gardening ventures

Khetibuddy is the only the platform solution that also holds the experience of building and managing a gardening community which adds immense value for its clients to take on the opportunity to digitize their business.

Khetibuddy's gardening platform offering for gardening ventures

1Promote and sell more
2Mastering customer engagement
3Analysing consumer behaviour
4Content management in app
1Promote and sell more
Promote and sell more Gardening

Keep up with the increasing expectations of omni channel experience

Customers today are not looking just for a business that sells, but can add value to the process. Opening sales channel on mobile app is only part of the game, while holistic value delivery only comes through integrations with your customer engagement plans. The new trend is to create offerings that best suite their needs and are customisable and that’s what Khetibuddy offers. Do more than just selling with our gardening platform software.

2Mastering customer engagement
3Analysing consumer behaviour
4Content management in app

Benefits of Gardening platform for Gardening ventures

How can we help gardening ventures? Here are some of the key benefits of using our platform:

Creating your own gardening app
Identifying business opportunities
Hosting and Engaging with customers
Create custom reports and analytics
Increase sales and revenue
Manage only content, leave tech to us
Adopt platform approach for growth
Track all business operations at one place

Your search for building unique and customisable app-based platform for gardening community stops here!

It sure does sound easy to create a gardening app for your community, yet it's incredibly uphill to measure up with development and maintenance costs. Plus, as your business grows, how do you make sure that your solution is scalable and compatible for your future business ideas? - Adopt the platform approach to digitalise your venture. Khetibuddy's platform has the ability to scale as you grow, incorporate new modules for new venture ideas and personalize in-app experience that your customers will fall in love with. Talk to our team today!