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Achieve High Profitability with Kheti Buddy’s Vertical Farming Software

Discover more paths to achieve your key objectives with the help of our agricultural expertise and vertical farming domain experts. This comes in addition to our AI/ML algorithm for increasing farming production by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. We aim to be a business partner to you who can design cutting-edge technology solutions while also bringing in-house experts to the table. Step ahead, adopt, and scale your business to new heights!
Streamline business operations, production management and productivity.

Optimizing profitability with record keeping and analytics

Indoor vertical farming has been picking up pace and is cropping up in just about anywhere! The agriculture industry is blown away with the advancement of a food production system which is many fold more productive than the traditional farming system. But to advance further, indoor farms under controlled environments need technology that can boost productivity with the help of data.

Soil based farms face vagaries of nature whereas a vertical farm has the ability to survive virtually under any condition. Farm managers often look for automation options which eases the load of routine activities which demands precision in farming.

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Pioneering Vertical & Indoor Farms of Next-Gen

KhetiBuddy’s vertical farm management solution makes it easier to optimize your productivity and profitability as well as scheduling your crop growing cycles with these modules

Why you should choose KhetiBuddy’s Vertical Farm Management Solution

1Farm Analytics with Advanced BI Tools
2Farm Reporting and P&L
3Automated Nutrient Dosing and Irrigation system
4Track indoor climate and farming activities
1Farm Analytics with Advanced BI Tools
Farm Analytics with Advanced BI Tools

Helps you analyze and design the most effective methodology for crop growth in indoor farming:

  • The advanced biometric algorithms in Farm Analytics allow for dynamic crop production, which means you can make better decisions about when and where to plant based on data analysis. The information from this program will lead us towards higher yields while reducing costs associated with growing crops!
2Farm Reporting and P&L
3Automated Nutrient Dosing and Irrigation system
4Track indoor climate and farming activities

Benefits of Vertical / Indoor Farming Software

With the help of our Indoor Farming software, you can keep track on all your farm activities be it expenses or labor. The tech stack built with cloud technology will provide an efficient system for both corporate growers as well individual farmers who want to manage their business in one place!

Increase productivity by optimizing growing activity.
Reduce costs by optimally utilizing agri inputs.
Keep EC and pH at check with continuous information flow.
Monitor and improve crop health, track history of crops and maturity dates.

The smart solution for your smart farms!

Adopt a technology solution which has the ability to scale as your business scales. With growing operations, scattered across multiple locations covering a variety of crops your choice of system should fuel your scalability. Seamlessly integrate IoT devices, BI Tool, and CRM with Vertical farming software for efficient management!

FAQs on Vertical or Indoor Farming Software

Our singular focus is on enabling your agribusiness with a platform that is capable of taking care of all your needs at one place. Analytics forms the major component of it but it is only as capable of delivering the results as the dataset it is able to capture and process. KhetiBuddy‘s platform enables an indoor vertical farming company to capture from as many data sources as required and bring it down to a single live dashboard. Powered with one of the best BI Tools in the market, it brings forth all the relevant data and KPIs upfront. These modules are customizable and are fit to the requirement on the basis of the scope of your need. To get to know more about our competitive edge, feel free to reach out to us via Chat Support or Contact Us.
Our solution is a SaaS-based AgTech unified platform; our focus is to aaa . In comparison to the traditional farming, vertical farming has the promise to give higher returns to growers if the growing system is able