Plantation Management

Gather, process, and analyze your plantation’s data

Using our advanced AI/ML algorithms, farm management modules and farm analytics will provide you with proactive insights to help mitigate various risks on your property. This includes pest and disease attacks as well weather uncertainly- all from a web browser enabled device!
Plantation farm management solution to boost revenue and growth.

Plantation farm management solution for exceling!

Khetibuddy`s Plantation management edition is a cloud-based enterprise plantation management solution for agribusinesses aiming at managing large farms from pre-planning phase to post-harvesting data analysis.

It enables you to get a bird’s eye-view of your farms spread across many locations. Our Plantation software is designed keeping in mind the farm owners/managers who are looking to get the best food produce quality from their farm with efficient resource management. Keeping this in mind, the technology we’ve developed emphasizes on the plantation industry farm’s key business objectives to get an end-to-end digital solution for all needs.

So aim higher and gear up with the digital agriculture technology which the plantation industry has been waiting for! Our plantation management software will put your farm on a cruising speed and boost efficiency by going digital.

Plantation management

Get a head start at digitizing your farm operations with these ready modules

If you’re managing thousands of farmers across region, you’d definitely need a digital tool to build compliance mechanism for agricultural practices. Use these modules to help you digitize effectively:

Plantation Management Software Features

1Track farming activities with crop schedules
2Get single view of the business
3Inventory and Finance Management
4Remote Sensing and Farm Analytics
1Track farming activities with crop schedules

The Plantation Software enables you to supervise the farm remotely.

The farm worker`s daily activity on the field can be kept in track as per the cropping schedule. With the Plantation Software, you can keep an eye on your farm remotely. You’ll be able to monitor what workers are doing and make sure they follow all of their assigned tasks for each day in crop selection or harvest time! Personalized and dynamic cropping schedules can be disseminated easily to your farm workers through our customized  crop schedules developed by agriculture experts for high quality output.

2Get single view of the business
3Inventory and Finance Management
4Remote Sensing and Farm Analytics

Benefits of KhetiBuddy’s Plantation Management System

With our strong background in the IT industry, we are with complete readiness to deliver the best service to large plantation firms and delivering the below benefits:

Remotely monitor and track all farm activities assigned to farm labor/farmers.
Generating dynamic and personalized crops’ schedules.
Inventory record keeping and database management integrated with ERP software.
Maintaining errorless and paperless finances of the farm.
The economic impact of pest and disease incidence.
Communication gap between the farm labor/farmers and farm managers.
Ensuring deep traceability of produce for the supply chain right from sowing till harvesting.
Irregular irrigation practices and multi-field management.
Single sustainable digital solution for all plantation and agriculture industry needs.

FAQs on Plantation Management Software

Agribusiness desire to adopt a solution that delivers agriculture production and operations management solutions with a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of farm field management solutions. Only a true platform software solution can enable agribusiness to adopt this approach. From tracking activities, integrating with farm ERP solutions and farm analytics to using IoT devices for micro-climate data – our solution truly covers all blades of grass by bringing to your entire ecosystem of solutions on our platform. For more queries about our solutions, feel free to reach us out through Contact Us form or on chat support.
Any crops’ plantation can be managed with this agriculture software. Yes, you read that right! Our technology is customizable to embrace and deliver on your requirements along with ERP and farm analytics solutions. With our agricultural scientific expertise via an agronomy team to maximize production, we’ve a recommended approach with sustainable solutions which are highly effective and desirable in achieving any plantation company’s sustainable goals. By simply importing a crop’s schedule data, a one-time activity, any agribusiness will be ready for managing it’s production system digitally.
Weather information plays a crucial role in deciding when to harvest, especially for the plantation’s supply chain. To capture the local weather data, an integration with a local weather station or on-field device can be implemented. The weather data including temperature, humidity, forecasts, etc. will be visualized on the backend system to curate and share actionable weather-based farming intelligence.
The farmers’ application comes with multi-lingual support. At present it is available in English, Marathi and Gujrati for farm users. The admin platform for the managers and head of the farms is available in English. However, we do support language translations for the front-end application upon requirement. If you’re looking for local translation support, please contact us to explore the possibility.