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Solution designed for the seed industry for improving the seed quality, tracking research farms and sustainably procuring from their growers. Seed growers must comply with agricultural practices and track expenses for optimizing costs. KhetiBuddy’s solution enables them digitally and remotely!
Farm management software developed for the seed industry.

Monitor your seed quality, manage inventory, and conduct surveys

Simplifying your seed production and management process with our farm management software that brings together data and intelligence. Most challenging aspect of seed production is to ensure comprehensive testing on quality and various parameters across different regions and agro climatic conditions. KhetiBuddy’s solution for the seed industry helps incorporate many variables for testing, capturing data, analyzing and creating ready reports for scientists and researchers’ study.

Production is a continuous process that needs optimization over a period of time with several attempts under varying conditions. Our platform’s activity management ensures that all activities essential for production are being timely pushed, tracked and updated. Growers and researchers working on-field are in absolute sync with the plan by managing expectations of yield and cost with this process.

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Why choose KhetiBuddy’s solution for Regenerative?

The biggest question today is how businesses and individual farmers can be assured of being on the right track with regenerative farming practices? And what tools are required to keep this check? By measuring the process with our solution you can now build and understand relationships between change in soil health over time due to practices such as cover crops, crop diversification and no-till. These data points on soil health, biodiversity, crop growth and other data sources combined helps you analyze the progress through a systematic farm digitization process.

Here’s what KhetiBuddy’s solution offers for regenerative farming:

What KhetiBuddy’s Farm Management Solution offers to Seed Industry

1Granular optimization of production
2Digitize farms with Remote sensing
3Data analytics and Dashboard
4Leverage Machine Learning
1Granular optimization of production
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Helps you design the production process activities encompassing agro-climatic and soil data:

Training growers on agricultural practices is a must but that alone may not suffice to get the assurance on compliance of those activities which growers were trained upon. To follow through on these efforts and make your money’s worth the growers should be provided with a virtual guiding tool. Enter KhetiBuddy’s mobile application for growers that reminds growers of the activities in a timely manner and ensures compliance to get desired output quality.

2Digitize farms with Remote sensing
3Data analytics and Dashboard
4Leverage Machine Learning

Benefits of Farming Software for Seed Industry

Utilize the most powerful platform solution for seed production that allows you to manage both corporate seed farms as well as grower seed farms. The platform enables you to connect, integrate and capture data from many sources including IoT devices. Digitization has taken over in the seed industry but why stop at capturing data when you can do much more in every aspect of the seed production operations!

Simplifying compliance on practices for high quality seeds.
Conducting farmer surveys and capturing influential data.
Optimizing expenditure on production with cost tracking.
Digitizing entire seed production operations for monitoring.

Helping you manage all aspects of seed production!

The platform solution for seed industry that matches the scientific community’s expectation from digitization tools for data management. Get a comprehensive understanding of your operations across geography in a few clicks from our solution. Leverage our platform’s artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve and optimize the seed production today!