Regenerative Agriculture Management

Practice Regenerative Agriculture using Agtech Platform

One of the key aspects the regenerative agriculture revolves around is improving soil health. With our team’s expertise on farming practices Tracking the progress in soil health improvement becomes vital to truly understand how we are able to  

Here’s how KhetiBuddy can enable you in your process:

  1. Recommend regenerative agricultural practices
  2. Digitizing farm practices to track farm data
  3. Remotely monitor farms and compliances
  4. Analyze data for impact on soil health improvement

Track Soil Health and Impact with our Agtech Platform

We enable organizations with our solution and agronomy expertise to recommend practices to improve soil health, track activities and analyze impact on farm & soil.

Why Choose KhetiBuddy's Farm Management Software for Regenerative Farming?
There is a lot of uncertainty of impact from regenerative practices, which gets resolved when you are digitizing the farming practices, weather conditions, soil health data over period of time and impact of farming practices on crop and soil. To relate these data points with our actions on farm, a continuous monitoring system such as designed by us helps monitor and measure impact of farming practices.
Customizable farm digitization process
Manage and Monitor farms & farmers
Educate and guide on farming practices
Dynamic climate-smart advisory dissemination
Analyze farm data with custom reports & MIS
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How do we track farm & soil data?

Farm App
IoT device
Remote Sensing
Soil Health Testing

Monitor, Manage and Measure your Farms
with our Unified Agtech Software Platform

Kheti Buddy’s farm management software digitally enables agribusinesses who have network of farmers or large acreage of farms to digitize their farm operations and analyze data. Our team possesses expertise of agriculture and technology understands your requirement to offer best solutions.
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