The Interlinked Tale of Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture 5

The Interlinked Tale of Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture

This World Soil Day, tune in to Khetibuddy’s webinar on “The Interlinked Tale of Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture” on a roundtable discussion Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhadsavale, Dr. Prakash Mali and Dr, Richa Nair to decode:

  1. Soil Status – Soil Now Vs Before
  2. Agriculture Issues and Resolution
  3. Regenerative Agriculture – Domestic to Global
  4. How & where regenerative agriculture creates value
  5. Agriculture Extension and Digital platform for Regenerative Agriculture

The forum will be open for Q&A session at the end.


About Speakers

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Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhadsavale,
Managing Trustee,
Saguna Rural Foundation

A farmer since 1976, leader, and promotor of regenerative agriculture for the past 10 years, training thousands of farmers and Agri professionals, he brings a rich experience of conservation agriculture using zero tillage through the Saguna Rice Technology (SRT).

Dr. Richa Nair,
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Khetibuddy

With a Doctorate in Biochemistry, she has an experience of over 20+ years in working in agricultural research and extension domain. She currently heads the scientific initiatives at Khetibuddy and helps propagate sustainable agriculture.

Dr. Prakash Mali,
Senior Crop Consultant,

With a Doctorate in Plant Nutrition, he brings 20+ years of field experience in the integrated plant nutrition management and builds farmer relations. An agri-enthusiast with a drive to introduce new concepts of crop nutrition, he has designed innovative crop management practices.

Schedule of Webinar:
Date: 5th December 2022 | Time: 4:30 PM IST