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5 Must-have Features in an Agriculture App for Farmers


During the last several years, the emergence of technology and digitalization across the globe in every sector has demonstrated the potentially transformative impact of enormous progress. It’s not just urban dwellers who are moving toward digital solutions, but rural ones as well. Their share has recently shot up to 48% in India. Considering that the majority of the rural population comes from a farming background, we can safely conclude that there has been an influx of smart farming technology that has brought about some large-scale innovations in the day-to-day lives of farmers. Smart farming is the latest technological breakthrough in the field of agriculture. Farmers have long tapped into technological breakthroughs to adapt their farming practices to changing times, and this era is no exception. Smart farming is the concept of farm management that uses Agtech or agritech or modern technology to automate inputs and increase the quality and quantity of outputs. One way how farmers can integrate smart farming is through the agriculture app for farmers designed specifically with features to improve agriculture efficiency. Smart agriculture apps for farmers are designed with advanced features necessary for farmers to make effective decisions at their farms. Let us now understand the comprehensive importance of smart farming for farmers and how it affects agriculture.

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Why Do Farmers Need a Smart Agriculture app?

As the world’s population grows, so does its need for food. The farming profession that has existed since the dawn of time can no longer be regarded as traditional. Why? Because pursuing the traditional way of doing business will make it difficult to feed the people of the future. Farmers across the globe are already shifting towards a more digital-driven approach to agriculture.

Earlier, due to lack of information and other factors, farmers were still doing what they had been doing for years. But now with the concept of smart farming, they have a chance to use technology to manage their farms and make the best of their yields. Farmers are rapidly adapting to smart farming using the smart agriculture app designed for farmers.

Some of the reasons why farmers need a smart agriculture app:

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Agriculture app features
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To make effortful, cost-effective farming decisions: Smart agriculture app makes strategic use of technology and digital technologies to detect variability in crops and manage them accordingly, instead of making farming decisions based on theories and concepts.

To produce more: Smart agriculture app for farmers help farmers to make the most of their output. With the introduction of smart farming techniques, farmers can be sure to produce more sustainably, as the smart farming app helps farmers be present when their crops need them the most, all from the comfort of their mobile phones.

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To advance technologically: Smart farming and agricultural technology are intertwined. The role of technology in agriculture will help farmers apply selectively and required quantities of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. in certain areas, and could curtail the current practice of uniformly spreading these elements across the farm.

To augment land and environment: Smart farming limits the usage of chemicals into the land and environment thereby safeguarding one of the most important resources for food production. It also helps in decreasing excessive water wastage.

5 Must-have Features of an Agriculture Mobile App (LIST)

Supply chain management system:
This feature involves integrated planning, implementation, and control of agriculture-related activities that can help farmers to produce and deliver efficiently. It is helpful for farmers as it can help them in getting better yields with proper planning.
Weather forecast:
Weather forecast is very crucial to agriculture activities and is a very important feature that farmers look for in the farming mobile app. The accuracy of this data can help farmers be prepared for anything unforeseen.
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Personalized crop schedule and management: Each farmer and every field has different requirements when it comes to growing crops. This particular feature in a smart agriculture app can help farmers feed their data and get a crop schedule for all upcoming activities. This helps farmers to manage their crops and farmers easily.
Financial Insights: Farmers face a hard time managing profits and losses accurately when it comes to their farms. With this feature, farmers can effectively understand their gains and cut losses when and where needed. This feature in a smart agriculture app takes the farmer one step closer to download.
Agronomy support: Farmers need agronomy support throughout the crop cycle. Pests, diseases, and sometimes the sudden change in the environment cause a significant amount of damage to crops. But timely advice can help farmers avoid it. This feature in a smart agriculture app can make it convenient for farmers anywhere to consult an agronomist whenever a challenge occurs.


Kheti Buddy Farm App is a farm management app that focuses on helping farmers develop better habits with in-depth information and guidance throughout the crop lifecycle. It transforms your smartphone into your farmhand, accompanying you through every step of farming.

Kheti Buddy Farm was built on insights gleaned from a decade of on-the-ground experience working with over 40,000 farmers. That brings together the learnings, experiences, habits, and experiments of 40,000 farmers in a mobile app that is now revolutionizing farmers’ lives through all the features it provides. Kheti Buddy farm app is integrating data and analytics that is not only eliminating information asymmetry among farmers but is also helping them to gain more understanding about the technology that can help farmers become more advanced.

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Some of the smart farming features that the Kheti Buddy App provides are:

Personalized Crop Schedule
Crop Schedule Activity Reminder
Crop Advisory
News Articles & Schemes
Inventory Management
Farm Data Digitized
Farm Reports

And all of this for free!


Continual research and updates are needed for any smart farming app to keep up with the ever-changing needs and demands of farmers. As time goes by, farmers too will need to change their farming practices and adapt to the latest smart farming techniques. This being said, smart farming apps are the most convenient resource for farmers looking to switch to smarter ways of farming. Some of the best phone farming apps provide features that make it easy for farmers to manage their farms from their smartphones. With digitization transforming the era like never before, be sure to see revolutionary changes in every sector especially agriculture.


You can start by implementing all smart farming practices or start by downloading the Kheti Buddy Smart Farm App and shift your crop management to it. In the knowledge bank section, stay update about all the new smart farming techniques and integrate them into smart agriculture practices.

Management Information System – MIS/Control Centers: A farm information system (FMIS) is a system that has been designed to handle data that benefits and controls farm operations.
Remote Sensing Systems/ Sensors: Smart sensors are essential for precision farming, and they’re the primary way farmers get their data out in the field.
Geographic Information Systems- GIS: GIS is a cutting edge technology that uses geospatial and soils analysis combined with historical farming practices to find out what crops should be planted where they should be located, and determine the best ways to maintain soil nutrient levels to deliver the highest value to the plants.
Spatial Decision Support Systems- SDSS: As the world becomes increasingly more digital, the rise of spatially-driven decision systems are making decisions easier than ever.