Crop Protection

Prevent crop loss and maintain crop quality

With more than one lakh users being advised from our system, Khetibuddy's approach to advising farmers and growers is tested and proven. Get it for your farmer network today!
Prevent pest and disease outbreaks with farming software!

Managing pest & disease incidences by creating higher resistance

Looking to keep your crops healthy and pest-free? Look no further than our Advisory Software. Using machine learning, this software can identify pests and disease symptoms quickly and accurately. Plus, it provides insights into present field conditions so you can get the most accurate consultation possible. Keep your farm thriving with our help!

ICT-based efforts to manage such situations have therefore been leading the way in identifying, diagnosing, and treating the plants within the right time to implement integrated pest management and integrated disease management.

Advisory Software is the easy, efficient way to manage your pesticide residue levels. With our automated consultation system, you can easily implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Disease Management (IDM) practices for a healthier, more sustainable business. Keep your margins in check and your market reach wide with our advisory system!

crop protection

Optimizing residue levels and reducing crop losses for agribusinesses

Industries that can benefit from smart and remote agronomy solution:

Automating and Tracking Pest & Disease Management

1Prevents huge crop losses
2Helps advisors to advise preventive measures
3Image recognition based auto-advisory
4Eliminates pesticide residue issue
1Prevents huge crop losses
Prevents huge crop losses

Automate the advisory solution for commonly known pests and diseases.

Advisors often have their hands full with their field visits and field staff management, therefore advising farmers or growers on problems that are most commonly encountered should be taken care of. One way to do so is to add preventive measures, however most farmers aren’t always keen on such farming practices. Our automated canned advisory post identification of pests or diseases and even nutrient deficiencies will provide advice in seconds! Integrated with the crop schedule, the farmer/grower gets complete details on how to perform the curative measures be it biological, chemical or mechanical.

2Helps advisors to advise preventive measures
3Image recognition based auto-advisory
4Eliminates pesticide residue issue

Benefits of Pests & Disease Management Solution

Impact of pests and disease can cause huge losses at farms. Oftentimes it is only a matter of hours before the incidence is silently spreading while the naked is still unaware. That’s where the technology to monitor such situations is necessary for preventive mode of action. Here are some of the benefits of employing technology for pest and disease management.

Increases farm produce returns
Enables field officers and advisors with tech
Monitoring and tracking farms remotely
Slower growth of pesticide resistance
Regulating pest population surges
Reduce excess usage of chemicals
Make cost-efficient decisions with data
Reduces deterioration of produce quality

Implement the industry’s smartest solution for preventing crop loss.

We take pride in our tech solution’s ability to understand agronomy science in a way that enables reducing crop losses with preventive measures. Built for agribusinesses with most concern for quality, the solution can significantly improve your bottom line. Connect with us to learn more!

FAQs on Pest and Disease Management

Our advisory solution is a platform for consultants. Any agronomy consultant can be on-boarded on the system.
KhetiBuddy’s advisory team can also consult your farmer network or growers, if required. Our agronomy team has consulted more than one lakh farmers and growers combined on more than 60+ crops. We have developed expertise in consultation with our data-driven and tech-enabled mechanism for sound advice.
If you’re interested in our image recognition model for disseminating pests and disease management recommendations then you can provide a data set available provided that the crop for which the system is required is not covered by us. The model will however function at the discretion of the KhetiBuddy team.