Hydroponic Farming

Monitor and Manage Your Hydroponic Farms Remotely

Round the year, our digital farm management system makes the monitoring of growing and farming processes effortless! With timely and live updates on your growers’ activities, operations and traceability – all on a single dashboard, you’re in control of all farms you operate no matter how far you are. Keep a check on your farms with just a few clicks!
Run your hydroponic farm business driven towards better client satisfaction!

Customizable hydroponic farm management solution for your business needs!

At KhetiBuddy, we’ve developed Enterprise Farm Management Platform Solution for Hydroponic farming businesses based on our years of experience in consulting, turnkey and successfully running our very own hydroponic projects. Our farm intelligence curated from various data sources helps optimize crop production.

Manage your operations seamlessly with our solutions to keep track of activities, costs of production, activities costs, farms data and food traceability on your customized dashboard. Run on a mobile device, the personalized crop schedules, activity reminders, inventory management and pest and disease management are some of the key features for a farm manager. For project managers and senior crop and farm managers, the Kheti Buddy’s custom analytical software on a live dashboard builds the foundation for tracking multiple projects on growing crop cycles in a vertical farm. Who wouldn’t like to be in full control of their vertical farm?

hydroponic farming

Choose the best pre-built modules for your hydroponic farms

Managing several hydroponic farms with several batches running simultaneously can be bit tedious and difficult to manage. Put together a solution that makes planning easier from our modules.

Urban Farming Management Software Features

1Commercial Urban Farming and Hydroponic Farming Projects
2IoT and Automation Device Partners for Farms
3Hydroponic Research Projects
4Managing multiple hydroponic farms remotely
1Commercial Urban Farming and Hydroponic Farming Projects

  • For the urban farmers who love growing at scale require deeper farming insights and intelligence on their crops’ data and farms’ data. The platform harmonizes and organizes the efforts of your team in optimizing cost of cultivation and your crop yield as well as its quality.
2IoT and Automation Device Partners for Farms
3Hydroponic Research Projects
4Managing multiple hydroponic farms remotely

Benefits of Agriculture ERP Software for Agribusiness

Over and above the general benefits of ERP Software, the benefits specific to agricultural industry with our Agriculture ERP solution are mentioned below:

Schedule, manage and edit activities on as many farms remotely.
Reduce costs by optimally utilizing material to increase the profits.
Easy control and handling of operations for agribusinesses to review the activities reports.
Helps in efficient planning with efficient planning tools based on projected inventory.

Analyze and Optimize Your Results!

Tracking daily farming operations will generate numerous data sets which can be used to optimize cost, water utilization, growing operation, activities scheduling and ultimately production. Our hydroponic farming solutions are all about increasing productivity via analytics and AI and optimizing operations cost for farm management with precision. Build a better farm, not just another farm!

FAQs on Hydroponic / Urban Farming Software

If you’re managing many fields and farms scattered across several locations or even one large scale farm with few farm managers, you need a farm management system that can help you advance your profitability. By tracing back costs, activities, consumption and data on various parameters impact production, you can develop a lean agile farm development system that enables you to open up to endless possibilities.
Each client has a set of preferences and choices varying from the basic package to many add-ons. The price of our farm management system varies based on multiple factors of your total requirement. Kindly get in touch with us to receive a quote for your farm management requirement.
You can manage as many farms and as many farm users / farmers you want to have on the farm management system. The data of these farms will be transmitted live to your system via live tracking. Consult/Advice these farms with the help of our crop advisory module and disseminate unique personalized crop schedules automatically with our system.
The ability to control the variables impacting the growing crops is quintessential in urban farming and hydroponic farming. By virtue of being a platform and not just a software solution, we’ve enabled our APIs to integrate with other devices which connect remotely for data sharing, cost tracking and analyzing purposes. If you have a device in mind, such as lighting, nutrient, EC, pH or other automation, about which you would like to explore the possibility of integrating with our farm management software, share it with us via Contact Us form and we will get back to you soon.
Many agribusinesses have a unique farm management and production management system developed and crafted by their team. This demands for a custom solution. Fortunately, you’re at the right place if you’re looking for a farm field management experience that makes your farms smarter. We accommodate all feasible dashboard customization and farm analytics reports based on the client’s requirement.